SemanticHero, the leading

semantic targeting solution for video

advertising, is conquering the big screen.

Our advanced technology enables advertisers and publishers in the CTV space to deliver campaigns and monetize content more effectively, avoiding unused inventory by placing ads in the most relevant and brand safe environments possible.


With its world-class semantic targeting technology, SemanticHero enables a rich and nuanced understanding of context across CTV inventory. Its AI-powered approach uses a combination of available sources, including video metadata and EPG data, to understand the full meaning of CTV content.


The data gets extracted and pulled into ShowHeroes Group’s semantic database, where smart algorithms identify the concepts and sentiment of the content, to understand the context in detail. These data-led insights are processed for CTV ad targeting that accurately matches a brand with positive, relevant content.


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CTV is already well-established in the US, with 73% of CTV inventory buyers shifting their marketing budget from traditional TV to CTV this year, according to the IAB. With the use of  CTV surging during the lockdown, this trend is likely to be echoed in Europe –  as brands look for new ways to break through in a prime targeting environment.


Learn more about the STATUS QUO OF CTV  in this infographic



More and more users are cutting the cord on linear TV

CTV viewership is a shared experience



As a key figure in the EMEA CTV space Sarah Lewis oversees the launch of SemanticHero for CTV to deliver innovation on both the demand and supply side of digital video advertising.


“SemanticHero for CTV enables advertisers to target exactly the right context for their brand, going far beyond what’s possible with other solutions. Marketers can use it to surface their ads in the most contextually relevant environments possible, for impactful and scalable CTV campaigns. Accessing premium CTV inventory in this smart and efficient way has never been easier.”



Global Director, CTV

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At ShowHeroes Group we are thought leaders in video advertising with a special focus on semantic targeting technology. Grab a coffee and browse through our fine collection of blog posts and podcasts on the topic of CTV.


Bringing CTV to the next level – Together with our industry expert Sarah Lewis who recently joined as Global Director CTV, our host Amanda is digging deeper into the market’s impact of CTV in the latest episode of our PROGRAMANDA podcast.

The topics we are deep diving are:

  • What are the advantages of CTV?
  • What are our challenges and major market gaps?
  • What will the role of CTV be in about 5 years – especially in comparison to linear TV?
  • What wish would you direct towards our ecosystem in order to make CTV successful?
The Digital Distillery



Moreover, Sarah is inviting us to her professional journey and is explaining what is needed to become a female leader in the male dominated adtech industry.



In this 5 minute episode Amanda introduces you to Connected TV (CTV). How does programmatic CTV work and what are the advantages of this current medium?



A Deep Dive Into the World of Digital Media. Join Amanda, our host, on her journey through the world of digital media and advertising. Follow interviews and discussions to brush up your knowledge and get first-hand insights.

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