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Educational sessions for video advertisers

In this collection of video modules our host Sarah Lewis, Global Director CTV at ShowHeroes, invites you on a stroll around the CTV ad space. The short clips will provide you with insightful industry knowledge in a snackable format.

Introduction to the CTV Basics

Welcome you to our first learning session on CTV. We are going to take a look at the basic definitions, types of subscription models and the inventory sources in the CTV space.

Understanding the Targeting Options for CTV

In our second learning session on CTV we are looking at CTV targeting. Connected TV is one of the most sought after platforms in digital advertising, but when starting in this space it is crucial for advertisers to understand the targeting options available.

How to get started with Programmatic CTV

In our third learning session on CTV we are looking at how to get started with programmatic CTV. We will learn about the benefits of buying Connected TV inventory programmatically and the most important KPIs to measure in CTV.

Types of CTV Audiences

In our fourth learning session on CTV we are looking at the three different types of CTV audiences which we are referring to as: Cord-Cutters, Cord-Shavers and Cord-Nevers. Get to know their characteristics and how to reach them with CTV content and ads.

CTV campaign setup best practices

In our fifth learning session on CTV we are looking at the best practices for setting up a CTV campaign. Find out about the best options for your CTV creative, the ad length, ad measurement and the specialities of the big screen environment.

CTV market: trends and predictions for the future

In the sixth learning session on CTV we are looking at the trends in the CTV market and predictions for the future. Find out what the year of education and growth in CTV, 2021, has brought to the CTV space. How is CTV taken to the next level?






In our seventh learning session on CTV we are looking at our latest connected TV research study conducted in partnership with COG Research. Find out about the objective of the study, the methodology we carried out and the results in over 7 countries.

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CTV viewership is exploding in Europe. Have you checked out our latest study to understand how viewers are consuming CTV? In our study you will gain access to:

  • Regional market comparisons and usage statistics
  • Cutting-edge behavioral science – how are people watching CTV? What are their preferences?
  • Detailed explanations for why it all matters

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